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7 Best Hotels in Los Angeles, United States 2021

Quite many of the best hotels in America are located in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a city full of broad spectrums of experiences that can make your trip memorable. Here, you can have Hawaiian food for breakfast, Ethiopia for lunch, and Korean for dinner. 

Not only delicious culinary, but Los Angeles also offers calm beaches, incredible places to enjoy music and Broadway shows, stunning architectures, festivals, and many others. 

Los Angeles is also home to iconic, famous landmarks, such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, and so on. 

You can also find a wide range of accommodation options in this city. Below are some of the best hotels in Los Angeles, USA


7 Best Hotels in Los Angeles, the United States 2021

Best Hotels in Los Angeles, the United States 2021


1. The Charlie Los Angeles

Best Hotels In Los Angeles 2021

Have you ever imagined how cool it will be if you stay in a hotel that once was a home for the legendary Charlie Chaplin? Charlie is a beautiful boutique hotel in Los Angeles. This boutique hotel welcomes you with a homey ambiance. Its luxurious suites provide you with direct views of the garden. There is also a kitchen and a private balcony. 

The interior of The Charlie is designed very carefully. It combines histories and modern technology, making it a very unique hotel in Los Angeles. 

The Charlie boutique hotel is only 1 Km away from Sunset Boulevard. Moreover, restaurants and local stores are also only steps away.

2. Sunset Tower Hotel Los Angeles

Hotels In Los Angeles 2021

The next best hotel in Los Angeles 2021 is the Sunset Tower Hotel. This boutique hotel is named so because it is located in West Hollywood on Sunset Strip, which is around 4 Km away from the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

The nuance in this boutique hotel will make you feel totally welcomed. With spacious guest rooms and a lot of essential facilities, there are many various activities that you can do and enjoy. 

Sunset Tower Hotel is also a great place if you are up for a staycation. 

Because the rooms feature perfect nuances. The rooms are decorated well with high-end Egyptian linens and the interior is Earth colored, giving it a fun upscale interior appearance.

3. Plaza La Reina Los Angeles

Hotels In Los Angeles

Plaza La Reina is situated in Westwood Village, close to Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. This hotel is one of the best hotels in Los Angeles because it offers many high-end facilities. 

Such as a lounge on the rooftop, concierge facilities, enjoying meals in open spaces, and many more. Their suites are gorgeous, elegant, and spacious. 

They are very comfortable to stay in. The interior design of Plaza La Reina is inspired by the Spanish aesthetic. But, the cherry hardwood used in the floor comes from Brazil along with mirrors made from Beruki woods. 

Their premium suites have pretty outdoor spaces. While their Queen suites feature a stunning balcony where you can get amazed by incredible views. Plaza La Reina also has a pool where you can refresh yourself after a stroll in Los Angeles.

4. Chamberlain West Hollywood Los Angeles

The best hotels in Los Amgeles 2021

The next one is the Chamberlain West Hollywood hotel. Chamberlain West Hollywood is located only a few steps away from Sunset Boulevard. 

Here, you can enjoy various facilities, such as a swimming pool on the rooftop, a restaurant, suites with private balconies, small kitchens, and many more. 

Moreover, this hotel has the most gorgeous and most stylish rooftop in town. It offers the pretty panorama of West Hollywood. 

The suites of Chamberlain West Hollywood hotel are beautifully designed with amazing architectures in order to steal the guests’ attention. The gorgeous decorations of the hotel are the representation of the old Hollywood aesthetics. 

The decorations combine temporary furniture with curated artworks, meeting the guests’ expectations.

5. Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles

Four Seasons Hotel 2021

When it comes to the best hotels, we cannot miss the Four Season Hotel. What makes the Four Season Hotel the best hotel in every single room in this hotel has its own private balcony. 

And just like other Four Season hotels all over the world, you can find restaurants that serve tasty foods, excellent services, and luxurious rooms. If you want to enjoy a drink or mingle with other guests, you can go to the Windows lounge. Their restaurant named Culina serves Italian cuisine. 

There are 2 different Four Season hotels in Los Angeles. For your information, this one we talk about is located on South Doheny Drive.

6. Montage Beverly Hills Los Angeles

Montage Beverly Hills Los Angeles

The next one is the Montage Beverly Hills. The location of this hotel is only a few blocks away from Rodeo Drive. It can be said that this hotel is strategically located. Montage Beverly Hills is a luxury 5-star hotel so that it is insanely expensive. 

However, the price is worth the facilities. Montage Beverly Hills has a 20,000-square-foot spa that features an indoor mineral pool. This 5-star luxury hotel is equipped with all of the most necessary luxury hotel facilities, such as the spa, restaurant, swimming pool on the rooftop, and many more. 

Go to their on-site restaurant named Georgie in order to enjoy and devour some classy American cuisine. The interiors of Montage Beverly Hills are prettily designed with a classic style, featuring huge columns, classic archways, fountains, and other classic things. 

Their rooms are stunning with classic wooden furniture, marble bathrooms with pretty mosaics painted in, and chaise lounges. Not only classy, but the rooms are also modern and sophisticated. They are completed with LED TVs and iPod dock stations. 

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel is the perfect place if you want to enjoy and experience the true luxury of Los Angeles.

7. The Peninsula Beverly Hills Los Angeles

Best Hotels In Los Angeles 2021

Though The Peninsula Beverly Hills is an insanely pricey hotel, it is all worth it if you want to get real experience of Los Angeles in its glory. 

This hotel is totally flexible when it comes to check-in and check-out. You can immediately check into your hotel room as soon as you touch down in LA. 

And you can even leave your room at 8 PM if you have to. The Peninsula Beverly Hills is a boutique hotel located in South Santa Monica Boulevard. 

It gives you access to one of some garden villa suites that are featured with a spa. Wanna stay at this best hotel in America?