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7 Best Hotels in Las Vegas, United States 2021

 There are so many best hotels in America and also so many of them are located in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a perfect city for those of you who want to go wild and free. 

This city is a fabulous, entertaining tourist destination. If you are planning to visit this wild city after this pandemic is over, here are some recommended hotels for your accommodation during your visit in Las Vegas. 

Check them out below.

7 Best Hotels in Las Vegas, United States 2020-2021

Best Hotels in Las Vegas, USA 2021

1. The Venetian Resort

The Venetian Resort

The first recommended hotel in Las Vegas is The Venetian Resort. The most impressive thing about this hotel is the broad array of restaurants. In fact, you can find anything you need inside this hotel. The Venetian Resort is like a whole city in a hotel. And it indeed functions like one. 

The Venetian Resort is an ideal option for those of you who want to visit Las Vegas and stay in one place. But if you are an active person, you can go to the Canyon Ranch where you can climb walls or get nutritional counseling.

The Venetian Resort also has a spa where you can enjoy acupuncture that you will not likely find at a regular hotel spa. The Canyon Ranch Spa Club is included as the best ranked day spa in North America. The Venetian Resort offers spacious guest rooms with big bathrooms.

2. The Cosmopolitan Resort & Casino

Best Hotels In Las Vegas, United States 2021

It can be said that The Cosmopolitan is one of the coolest hotels in Las Vegas. When you enter this hotel, you will be welcomed with its incredibly sexy lobby that features digital video art columns. The video loop is always changing so that you will never feel like you are in the same space. This hotel has 2,995 guest rooms and each of them has a statement design. 

Other things that make The Cosmopolitan cool are the Pop Art wallpaper, blue alligator side tables, nouveau Baroque chandeliers, and marble floors. So, the advertisement for The Cosmopolitan being the right kind of wrong is true. 

If you want to escape the madness of Las Vegas, you can opt for enjoying the calming Sahra Spa where you can enjoy 30 minutes room treatments.

3. Hotels Bellagio 

Hotels In Las Vegas 2021

The lobby of Bellagio is one of the most Instagrammable places in Las Vegas. It features a huge installation of Dale Chihuly blown-glass flowers on the entire ceiling that makes you like you are entering an amazing garden party. 

This hotel has great restaurants. For you who love art, Bellagio might be a great accommodation because it also has a good art gallery that is partnered with the Boston MFA. It also has an outstanding conservatory. 

Bellagio is famous for the iconic dancing fountains. This hotel is totally glamorous. When you come inside, you will see a Chihuly glass sculpture dominating the entryway.

4. Vdara Hotel & Spa

Best Hotels In American 2021

The next recommended hotel in Las Vegas is Vdara Hotel & Spa. For those of you who want to feel like you are staying in a destination spa, this hotel might be the one for you. 

The lobby of Vdara Hotel & Spa features soaring ceilings. And the entire hotel is made from a modern, high rise glass that is purposed to optimize natural lighting. 

Vdara Hotel & Spa is the only totally non-smoking and non-gaming hotel in Las Vegas. So, this hotel and its guest rooms smell super-clean. Vdara Hotel & Spa is suitable if you visit Las Vegas with your kids where you do not want them to inhale cigarette smoke.

5. Wynn Las Vegas & Encore

Best hotels in las vegas, usa 2021

Wynn Las Vegas & Encore
was opened in 2005 and it has been remaining the leading kingpin of Sin City names since then. There are almost 40 designer stores here, including 2 Chanel stores, spread throughout 3 shopping centers. The newest shopping center is Wynn Plaza that was just opened in 2019. 

Elsewhere, you can find many various restaurants, bars, nightclubs, spas, pools, and a beach club. You are suggested to spare your time visiting the Parasol Down to enjoy its amazing cocktail and waterfall views. Every restaurant in this hotel offers vegan and vegetarian menus. 

Lately, Wynn Las Vegas & Encore has opened its own solar field that balances up to three-quarters of its energy usage.

6. Sahara Las Vegas

Hotels In America 2021

The next best hotel in Las Vegas is the Sahara Las Vegas. Sahara Las Vegas has been reborn with a touch of the futuristic theme in high fashion. The lobby features digital installations and color-changing floor tiles that lead you to interesting spots. 

The guest rooms feature every single thing you expect from the brand. The luxurious interiors feature mirrored ceilings, white-lacquered chandeliers, and peekaboo showers. Downstairs, you will be able to see the crowd gather in the pool, nightclub, and also the fancy Casbar Lounge. 

You can expect SLS cuisine, including Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres. Are you interested in staying in the Sahara Las Vegas?

7. The Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino

The Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino 2021

Last but not least is The Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino or also known as The Palazzo at The Venetian Resort. It is the sister hotel of the Venetian Resort. Both of them are parts of The Venetian Resort. 

The Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino is designed with the same Renaissance Italian aesthetic. The entrance features a stunning crystal sculpture of women that is actually a two-level fountain. It can be said that it is both modern and classic. 

The Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino has the biggest standard rooms in the Strip that are more affordable than standard rooms in other cities. The palatial suites feature sunken living rooms, deep bathtubs, and minibars that are luxuriously stocked, where you can expect champagne and artisan chocolates during special occasions. 

This hotel also features luxurious restaurants from Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck where you can enjoy luxurious, delicious meals. 

 Those are the recommended, top hotels in Las Vegas that can be your consideration when you travel there. So, which best hotels in America, specifically in Las Vegas, that you include on your traveling list?